Heat Exchanger

Water Boilers .. What? How Does It Work? Steam Boilers Are Used In Many Industries Such As Food Industry, Textile Industry And Sugar Factories, Where They Convert Energy Sources To Water Inside To Heat Them And Then Produce Steam That Is Used In These Factories, For Boilers Several Types. But The Most Important And Most …

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Tanks Types and Materials

Information On Rainwater Tanks And Petroleum Materials. Reservoirs Are Generally Used For Storing Liquid Materials Such As Water, Crude Oil And Petroleum; The Type Of Tanks Require The Nature Of The Material To Store According To Specifications, Quantity And Safety Of The Stock Until It Reaches The Consumer According To The Agreed Specifications. First: Water Reservoirs: …

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Solar Water Heaters

What Is A Solar Water Heater ? Solar Water Heaters are Devices Used In Heating Water For Houses. And Also, Used For Commercial Purposes By Using Heating Power From The Sun To Generate Electricity. As Solar Water Heater Devices Save About 30% Of Electricity Bills, According To Statistics. Elements Of Solar Water Heaters: Solar Complexes …

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Central Heating Systems

Central Heating Systems Work To Transfer The Heating Medium Like; Water, Air, Or Steam To Thermal Power, So It’s Used To Heat Swimming Pools. Elements Of Central Heating Systems: Boiler: Which Contains Burner, Pumps, And Funnel. Radiator: Panels Of Light Aluminum And Types Of Pouring. Tank: On The House’s Roof To Provide Boiler With Water. Tubes: Transform Hot Water From …

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Fuel Oil Boilers

Fuel Oil Boilers. And Some Mechanisms Of Operation We Use Oil Boilers According To The Type Of Fuel Available Such As Diesel, And Natural Gas. Moreover, These Boilers Are Used In All Industries That Require A Temperature Of 100 Degrees Celsius And Operate With Diesel, Natural Gas, Gas cookers, And Electricity With a Small Capacity. …

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Hot Water Boilers

HOT WATER BOILER (STEAM BOILER) The Steam Boiler Heats Water To A Temperature Controlled By A Thermostat. The hot Water Then Flows (Either By Natural Circulation Or By A Pump) To Radiators In The Rooms Which Are To Be Heated. Water Also Flows Through A Coil In The Hot Water Tank To Heat A Separate …

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Steam Boilers

Are You Looking For A Steam Boiler? Take A Look Here Before You Buy Steam Boilers Are Containers With Heating Surfaces To Turn Water Into Steam Through Heating Source That Raises Water Temperature To Boiling Degree To Produce Steam That Is Used In Many Industries Like Textiles, Sugar, And Food Industry, As It Plays An …

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