Solar Water Heaters


What Is A Solar Water Heater ?

Solar Water Heaters are Devices Used In Heating Water For Houses. And Also, Used For Commercial Purposes By Using Heating Power From The Sun To Generate Electricity. As Solar Water Heater Devices Save About 30% Of Electricity Bills, According To Statistics.

Elements Of Solar Water Heaters:

  1. Solar Complexes To Collect Sun Rays And Increase Their Temperature Degree.
  2. A 100 To 500 Liters Tank That Is Isolated Thermally.
  3. A Metal Frame Carries The Complexes And The Tank And Should Be Pinned With An Ideal Inclination Angle.
  4. Standing By Electric Heating Coil Whose Power Is Between 2 And 4 Kilowatt/Hour To Work Automatically By A Sensor; That Measures The Water Temperature In The Tank.

So, You Should Check The Yearly Solar Sharing Value Before Buying Any Solar Water Heater. It’s The Saving Percentage In The Used Power Of The Heater. It Changes According To Heart’s Quality, Installation Geographic Area And So On.

Different Types Of Solar Water Heaters

1. Hollow Tubes Technique:

  • They’re Uncompressed Hollow Tubes To Absorb Thermal Power And Then Heating The Water.
  • Every Tube Consists Of 2 Borosilicate Glass Tubes Inside Each Other.
  • The Outside Tube Is Transparent To Allow Sun Rays Passing Through It With A Very Low Reflection.
  • The Inside One Is Heating Absorbent Plated By Black Or Blue Layer To Absorb All The Falling Rays At A Percentage Of 95%.
  • Both Tubes Are Pinned With Each Other Through Smelting After Emptying The Air Between Them Under A High Thermal Temperature Which Causes Isolation Between The Tubes.
  • This Technique Is Very Efficient Because The Void Prevents Leaking Thermal Power Which Is Acquired By Water, And Stops Both Processes Of Convection And Conductivity. Which Explains Why The Outside Tube Stays Cold However The Temperature Is Up To 95 Degrees.
  • Hollow Tubes Are Used In Heating; For Purposes That Don’t Need Water Pressure Like Heating Swimming Pools. Because ,These Tubes Are Depending On Uncompressed Upper Water Tanks.

2. Flat Solar Water Heater:

  • Complexes In These Types Are A Flat Absorbent Surface That Consists Of The Thin Slab Of Aluminum Or Cooper Is Painted By The Absorbent Material.
  • What Differentiates This Type Of Heaters That Its Average Age Is Up To 25 Years And Almost All These Device Have A 10-Year-Warranty.
  • It’s Used In Commercial And Administrative Purposes And It’s Characterized By High Pricing Because Of A Copper Pipes Cost That Feeding The Tank.

3. Thermal Hollow Tubes:

  • It’s Different From The Other Hollow Tubes As It Has A Copper Pipe Inside The Glass Tubes.
  • A Thermal Tube Is A Hollow Tube Made From Pure Copper That Contains A Little Quantity Of Thermal Liquid With No Air To Have A Low Pressure And High Boiling Rates.
  • As That Liquid Boils At 30 Fahrenheit Degree If It Passes That Degree, It Will Turn Into Steam And Push Itself To The Top Of The Tube So Then Its Degree Decreases. Then The Heat Moves From The Copper Pipe To The Water Needed To Be Heated, Steam Intensifies, Dripped Down To The Bottom Again, And Repeats This Process Again And Again Until All The Water Is Being Heating.
  • It’s The Most Expensive Type Of Heater Because It Collects All The Advantages Of All Types.

Compressed Heaters

  • They’re Heaters With Compressed Circles To Afford Water Pressure Ups To 10 Par. It Has The Pump Inside To getting Hot Water Under Pressure That Equals The Cold Pressure Through Pipes Network.
  • It Needs To Use Very Bold Copper Pipes To Afford Load Which Increases Its Pricing With An Additional Cost Of 20% Or 30% To Its Original Price.
  • It Has A Disadvantage In That It Needs A Consistent Maintenance For The Pump.