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Water Boilers .. What? How Does It Work?

Steam Boilers Are Used In Many Industries Such As Food Industry, Textile Industry And Sugar Factories, Where They Convert Energy Sources To Water Inside To Heat Them And Then Produce Steam That Is Used In These Factories, For Boilers Several Types. But The Most Important And Most Famous Of All Is The Hot Water Boilers Where Used In Heat Water To A Maximum Temperature Of 90 ° C At Low Pressures To Produce Steam.

Hot Water Boilers Are The Most Common Among Steam Boilers: Hot Water Boilers Have A Low Cost Compared To Other Boilers In Terms Of Maintenance And Fuel Consumption, And May Be Used In Homes To Heat The House And Heat Swimming Pools.

Which Consists Of Hot Water Boilers We Will Explain All The Parts That Makeup Hot Water Boilers:


Boilers, Hydrates And Pipes Represent Pressure Vessels In Hot Water Boilers, Through Which The Pressure And Temperature Of Water And Steam Are Raised To The Required Specifications.

Water Pipes:

With Different Elbows And Curves To Increase The Storage Surface Area, Pipe Thickness Ranges From 3-4 Mm To Facilitate The Process Of Heat Transfer From The Combustion Gases In The Furnace To Water Inside The Pipes. Pipes Or Hydrate Collectors: Pipes Are Connected Between The Boiler And The Complexes Or Hydrates Made Of Steel With A Diameter Of 150 – 200 – 250 Mm With A Thickness Of 10 – 12 Depending On The Pressure. Oven: Contains Combustion Gases Resulting From The Burning Of Fuel, Which Reaches A Temperature Of More Than 1000 Degrees Celsius, And Its Size Varies According To The Design Of The Furnace And Energy. Phonetics: Means Of Fuel Injection In The Furnace Of The Boiler To Burn And Has Two Fixed Phonics, And Rotating Phonics. Roasted: A Large Collection Of Pipes In The Form Of Mechanisms Related To The Main Steam Pipe In Hot Water Boilers, Used To Raise The Temperature Of Steam At
The Same Pressure.


A Number Of Pipe Mechanisms Connected To The Complex Ends With The Boiler, And Is Used To Raise The Temperature Of The Feed Water In Hot Water Boilers.

Air Heater:

The Heater Is Installed In The Path Of Gases After The Provider And Before Exiting To The Chimney, And Is Used To Raise The Temperature Of The Air Necessary For Combustion.


Passes By Combustion Gases Into The Atmosphere.

Boiler Buildings:

Are Made Of Refractory Bricks And The Proportion Of Alu-Minia According To The Temperature When The Flame Font The Proportion Of Alu-Minya 65%, Where The Temperature Up To 2000 Degrees Celsius, While In The Furnace The Proportion Of Alumina 45%

Essential Accessories For Hot Water Boilers:

  • Water Feed Pumps: Multistage Centrifugal Pumps For High Pressure And Steam Turbine Management
  • Diameter: Used To Prevent The Process Of Oxygen Corrosion Or Rust Where It Separates And Expels Oxygen From The Feed Water, So Water Passes From The Feeding Pumps To It Before Entering The Boiler So That It Does Not Enter Oxygen.
  • Air Fan: The Air Is Pumped Into The Air For Necessary Fire
  • Fuel Pumps: Fuel Injected Into The Fuel Tank.
  • Gas Intake Fan: It May Is Operated By A Steam Turbine, And Works To Draw Gases In Case They Are Not Normally Drawn According To The Type Of Intake In The Boiler.
  • Safety: It Is Placed On The Boiler To Press The Steam And Also To The Roaster.
  • Fuel And Water Tanks: To Feed The Boiler If Used After Water Treatment And To Supply The Plant With Diesel Fuel And For Daily Consumption In The Case Of Use Of Fuel.
  • Boiler Operation Tab: The Boiler Can Be Operated From One Place, Where Most Of The Hot Water Boiler Equipment Switches Are Connected To The Boiler Control Devices.
  • Infections: To Clean The Surfaces Of The Roasted And Supplied Pipes And The Air Heater Of Carbon Deposited From The Combustion Gases.
  • Measuring Devices: These Include Devices For The Disposal Of The Amount Of Feed Water, Steam, Fuel, And Continuous Blowdown Water, Including Devices To Measure The Pressure Of Roasted Steam And Boiler Steam.
  • Boiler Operation Control Devices: For Automatic Control Of Feed Water Quantity, Roasted Steam Temperature, Fuel, Gas Fan Discharge, Fuel Pressure, Steam Required For Ablation, Fuel Heater, Pressure And Diariter Level.

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